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Baron de la Truffe is a truffle farm specialized in the production and sale of fresh truffles to individuals and professionals.

The first truffle farm in France, Baron de la Truffe operates on nearly 60 hectares of truffle fields located in Touraine, using only organic farming practices. During the production period from mid-November to the end of February, truffles are harvested up (dug up) daily. They are sold after being washed, brushed and canifered according to the standard in force then promptly delivered directly to the client.

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Week-end “à la recherche du diamant noir”

Au cours d’un week-end gastronomique au grand air, vous découvrirez les secrets de la truffe. Venez parcourir les truffières du domaine Baron de la truffe, situées à vingt kilomètres du Domaine de Mestré, à la recherche de ce mystérieux champignon et dégustez le fruit de votre récolte lors d’un dîner « tout à la truffe …

Planting session

In just a few days, more than 9 hectares were planted near Chinon! More than 2000 trees (oaks and hornbeams) have been planted to enlarge the Baron de la Truffe’s estate. Within a few years, we will harvest 100% organic truffles. But between now and then, the work will be intense: pruning the trees, airing …