Who am I ?

My first plantations date back to 1996. That’s where I cut my teeth and honed my skills. I only indulged in this “hobby” during the weekends, as I was caught up with my professional career in the world of fashion and luxury.

But I had been bitten by the truffle bug and in 2011, I founded “Baron de la Truffe”; two years later, I finally decided to turn this hobby of mine into a full-time passion.

Every day between November and February, I roam across the truffle field with my loyal dogs in tow, closely observing their behaviour. With their nose to the ground or up in the air, they seek out scents from under the earth. When they scratch the ground with their paw, that is the signal for me to jump in to harvest the truffle and extract the precious fungus.

The estate

Located on the borders of Poitou and Touraine, at the heart of trufficulture’s birthplace, the estate comprises nearly 60 hectares entirely dedicated to organic farming. To date, we mostly produce black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) and a bit of Tuber Brumale.

We have also planted truffle orchards to produce summer/Burgundy truffle (Tuber Aestivum/Uncinatum), Meuse/Lorraine truffle (Tuber Mesentericum) and white Alba truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico).

We have joined hands with Robin nurseries, to create an arboretum, which contains the 14 tree species that produce truffles.