Planting session

In just a few days, more than 9 hectares were planted near Chinon! More than 2000 trees (oaks and hornbeams) have been planted to enlarge the Baron de la Truffe’s estate. Within a few years, we will harvest 100% organic truffles. But between now and then, the work will be intense: pruning the trees, airing the soil. It takes patience to see these small trees grow and produce the black diamond.
To date, the Domaine du Baron de la Truffe has 65 hectares of truffle oaks and remains the first 100% organic truffle farm in France.

Plantation d’un petit chêne pubescent

Séance de plantation

Plantation d’un petit chêne pubescent

En quelques jours, plus de 9 hectares ont été plantés à proximité de Chinon ! Ainsi c’est plus de 2000 arbres (chênes et charmes) qui viennent agrandir le domaine du Baron de la truffe.
D’ici quelques années, nous récolterons des truffes 100% bio. Mais d’ici là, le travail sera intense : taille des arbres, aération des sols. Il faut de la patience pour voir ces petits arbres grandir et produire le diamant noire. A ce jour, le Domaine du Baron de la truffe compte 65 hectares de chênes truffiers et demeure la première ferme trufficole de France 100% bio.

The Confrérie du Marron de Redon presents an award to “Ode to the Truffle”

Serge Desazars en compagnie des membres de la confrérie du Marron de Redon

Serge Desazars alongside the members of the Confrérie du Marron de Redon.

On October 13, the Confrérie du Marron de Redon presented its “Art de Vivre  2018” award to Ode to the Truffle by Serge Desazars.
This annual distinction goes to a French book dedicated to gastronomy and the art of living.
Ode to the Truffle, published by Editions Sutton with photos by Chanel Koehl, was chosen from among 18 books.

seance de dédicace dans le cloître de Redon
Book signing in Redon’s cloister

Meet « Ode to the Truffle » our boook dedicated to the black diamond, prefaced par Yannick Alléno and now available in English!

“With this book, I wanted to suggest a sensual stroll through the magical landscapes of Touraine, its truffle oaks, its sleepy valleys and limestone soils, where the famous black diamond conceals itself.

Mr Pierre Mauléon, who pioneered the concept of truffle farming in 1790 and whose domain is located a mere league away, was the first to grasp the truffle’s significant potential in our terroirs. I now spend every day in this terroir and its landscapes.

All these photos, taken by Chanel Koehl, who’s from the region, invite the reader on a poetic journey to the country of Rabelais, with its slate roofs and tufa walls”.

Serge Desazars de Montghaillard

This book details the many facets of the truffle through its history and terroir and includes recipes purposely created for this occasion by top chefs.

Yannick Alléno, the two-time recipient of 3 stars in the Michelin Guide, a fervent advocate of local produce grown in accordance with ecological principles, wrote the preface of this book. Along with Serge Desazars, he shares a taste for excellence and quality products. “I’m very happy to be involved in this book, which is a tribute to the truffle, its culture and its use in recipes that we, as chefs, enjoy preparing”.

26 original recipes, specifically created to transcend this exceptional product.

Some must-haves of French gastronomy pope Monsieur Auguste Escoffier, some recipes imagined by Yannick Alléno, Thomas Boullault, starred chef of the Parisian restaurant L’Arôme and Kelly Rangama, candidate for Top Chef in 2017.

A few indispensable recipes from the King of French gastronomy, Auguste Escoffier, recipes conceived by Yannick Alléno, but also by Thomas Boullault, starred chef of L‘Arôme, a Parisian restaurant, as well as a creation from Kelly Rangama, who took part in the Top Chef 2017 series.

Le Cordon Bleu, the world’s leading network of culinary arts and hotel management institutes, under the direction of Executive Chef Eric Briffard, also collaborated on this book by revisiting some classics of cooking, with 10 recipes dedicated to truffles. “It was a pleasure for Le Cordon Bleu to collaborate with Baron de la Truffe on the creation of this book. Working directly with a producer like Serge Desazars to showcase an exceptional product such as the truffle fits with our DNA, which is to transmit French culture and know-how”, says Eric Briffard.

Pierre Cléry’s texts take the reader on a journey through the history of this mushroom, unlike any other, formerly known as the “poor man’s potato”. Throughout the pages, the reader is transported through the centuries and learns the origins of this exceptional dish highly sought after for its aroma.

Released on November 1, 2018
Editions Sutton
Collection: Fine Books
208 pages, 210×270 mm
150 g matte coated paper
Hardcover, full color, dust jacket, bookmark, selective UV3D varnish
ISBN : 978-2813810564

Price inclusive of taxes: €32

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