Accueil – le Baron de la Truffe


Trufficulture unites all my passions: nature, agriculture, dogs, the Rabelaisie and the luxury industry, which has been my professional domain for almost 20 years. I planted my first truffle field in 1996 upon the advice of my trufficulture friends, the Monniers (who have a farm in Marigny-Marmande) and the rest, as they say, is history. My farm is currently around forty hectares and I have no intention of calling it a day now, as it’s going so well. This is a long-term project since one needs to wait nearly ten years before harvesting. The truffle is a diva, capricious and rare!

I am a truffle grower: I grow and sell truffles, uniquely from my fields, which means that the consumer can be sure about their absolute freshness and guaranteed origin. My farm is 100% organic and is located in Touraine, one of the oldest producing regions of Tuber melanosporum (“melano”), the famous “black Périgord truffle”. The soil in this region is excellent, thanks to tuffeau – the local stone. I also harvest Tuber brumale and Tuber mesentericum or Meuse truffle. Moreover, I shortly hope to offer Tuber magnatum, the famous white Alba truffle. I do sometimes also harvest Tuber borcchi.

I have two terrific truffle dogs. I roam across the truffle field with them, closely observing their behaviour. With their nose to the ground or up in the air, they seek out scents from under the earth. When they scratch the ground with their paw, that is the signal for me to jump in to harvest the truffle and extract the precious fungus.

And for them to be rewarded!

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