Culinary use!

Truffle is a product that's easy to cook and you’ll need very little of it to sublimate even the most "ordinary" dish. There's no need to seek out sophistication, it marries exquisitely with the simplest foods. A shaving of truffle over steaming eggs (scrambled, omelette, boiled), pasta, mashed potatoes or a cheese soufflé will be enough to delight your guests.

One of the secrets of truffle lovers is capturing its aroma. When fresh eggs are stored in a box with a piece of truffle inside the fridge, the scent of the truffle will penetrate the eggs. Tip: remember to regularly open the box in which the eggs and truffles are stored, to let in fresh air.

The perfect match: the "Les Truffières" vintage
This vintage, which is the result of our collaboration with Philippe Brocourt, a talented wine-grower, is the ideal accompaniment to your truffle recipes. This rich wine with powerful tannins, which is from the same clay-limestone soil as my "melano", is produced in the highlands of Ligré, in the historic centre of the Chinon district. It unveils subtle flavours of roasted nuts, underbrush and red berries, which are unique to Cabernet Franc. Accompanied by truffles, good meat or a cheese, this wine will reveal its potency and aromas.
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