The truffle is an underground edible fungus associated with a host tree (oak, hazel, lime, hornbeam, etc.); we speak of partnership or symbiosis between the tree and the fungus. Just as there are plenty of mushrooms harvested above ground, there are many varieties of truffles. The variety that I largely cultivate is Tuber melanosporum, which is also called "melano" or "black PĂ©rigord truffle". It grows only in limestone soils at a depth of 1 to 30 cm. This is the "queen" variety. It develops in spring and starts to grow from mid-August onwards, but doesn't become mature until about December, peaking in mid-January.

According to regulations, the term "black truffle" can only be used for Tuber melanosporum. However, this expression is often misused. So we should be wary of attractively priced products that resemble black truffles in appearance but not in taste. That is why it's always better to buy directly from a grower. Exceptionalism has its price!

The melano exudes a heady and very long-lasting scent and flavour that's almost addictive... don't say I didn't warn you!